3 Hottest #summer spots in the Capital!

For the #Cultured, it’s that time of the year again! You’ve re-committed your palate to your love  for cider’s, cocktails and mocktails, that 60 day abs-of-steel plan is finally being ticked off your to do list and your social-hunting-party messenger messages you that killer question:

What are WE doing on Saturday?

Remembering that you are the centre of your social-universe – holding all the teams secrets sacred; keeping varying personalities in the herd in check and managing your own life is a full-time job. They just about love every swanky spot you have taken them to and now you have to out-do what you have already done a million times before. So where to now…right? Don’t panic!! Because here are the capital’s best hidden watering holes for the pack:

1. Grand Union (Brixton)

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A creative, feisty, sexy social networking staple in the city’s southern melting-pot of Brixton, boasting London’s biggest, most quirkiest beer garden with beautifully styled tree-house huts. Restaurant and bar by day and up-town market night club by night-so it is no wonder that the venues clientele include some of Europe’s biggest marketing specialists, advertisers, social media moguls, up-coming musicians and YouTube sensations. If you are looking for elegantly presented American-style gourmet meals, festival sized sharing platters and cocktails that are guaranteed to turn-up the frequency on taste buds then come and mark your territory in the southern kingdom.

2. Turtle Bay (Ealing)

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Hello re-invention! Part of the smile that is the Broadway’s new face-lift Turtle Bay brings a new twist from the Caribbean islands to city’s adventurist community. Come and soak yourselves in authentic West-Indian delicacies, swim among the mellow flavours and curried spices that will help you keep ‘ev’ryting irie’ but hot. The ambient lit glass design of the venue lets you celebrate the clear tropical-themed decor upon arrival. Truly exotic favourites are ready to be served, however you will be spoilt for choice once you dare to venture just a little deeper on the bespoke menu. With a listing of local bars and night clubs it is an ideal way to start the night.

3. Tayyabs (Whitechapel)

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The east-end revolution is in full swing, a media technology company just down the road and another fin-tech company just over there and it’s just keeps on going. Even with all the changes one east London tradition remains true for any metropolitan experiential: keeping the eastern flavour promise. Tayyabs is known as one of the UK’s most revered restaurants for Punjabi cuisine since it opened in 1972- especially famous for its mouth-watering Fiery grilled Lamb-chops. Rich in hustle and bustle, loud laughter and surrounded by passionately coloured mellow yellows and fuchsia pinks lights will help you join in as part of the greater buzz in a matter of minutes. A region of flavour.

Take your pick, it’s up to you.

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