Is Professionalism Dead?

I’ve been working for almost 10 years and I’ve worked for small to large businesses over that period of time. However, my thoughts have been going crazy over what my business text books and university business studies lectures have taught me on professionalism. I was always taught to wear smart clothes, clean black shoes, a tie, being on time and working hard was the secret to persuading your colleagues and managers that your professionalism is unmatched.

Well, I think times have changed. I tend to ask myself these 3 questions on this “new professionalism”:

1. Do clothes matter? 

As I have stated in the opening paragraph, suit and tie was the main attire for any place of work according to my text books and University lectures. However after working in a few companies, I have noticed the trend of t-shirts and jeans? I think we can all say thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for the change he made in the working culture.


2. Does Favouritism exist (Hiring / Promoting friends)?

Surely hard work pays off right?  sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. The number of friends and colleagues that I know of, that contact me to discuss promotion issues or work issues is a lot. Most of the time I have no answer as to why some managers might promote a friend that they drink with every Friday to be the next team manager or leader, when that person may not be the best at the job. It’s funny to know this happens in today’s world. Surely this can’t be professional right? I don’t know you tell me!

Recognition_Week 3_Employee Total Wellbeing (1).jpg

3. Why are so many offices now Play areas?

Employees now have the option to ride a bike or scooter around an office environment. There are swings, slides and sleeping hubs in some of the worlds most highly established organisations. Organisations are more caring towards their employees as they want them to feel right at home, but this can come with a side effect of lazy employees  that attend work for fun and games and not to get the job done. However, I’m sure most offices have managed a way to contain that hazard. Is making your office into a play area professional?


To be fair, professionalism is not dead. However, this “new professionalism” is good because we get to see more creativity from within the culture. However, it can have it’s disadvantages if an organisation doesn’t carefully examine the effects of their changes.



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