3 Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

Are you Happy? 

For years professionals have been doing the typical 9-5 job. Most professionals ask themselves why they are waking up in the morning to do something that they don’t love. I’ve been there and if you have clicked on this article I’m sure that you’re currently there as well.

Why am I here?

The C’ette Culture team has over 30 years of combined experience and we have discussed what the possible signs of a professional not liking their job would be. we have came up with three possible signs and they are:

1. You find your job boring – Job satisfaction is essential and healthy for a working professional. To be honest, you’re wasting your time forcing your self to like something, that you do not really like. You’re shooting yourself in your foot and you’re probably destroying your career. Don’t waste your time on doing something that you do not enjoy, you will ultimately regret it after a few months or years and you may wish that you had put your energy into something that you’re truly passionate about.

2. You feel anxious about the day ahead – Why feel worried or anxious about the day ahead?  It’s really unhealthy to have such thoughts, especially when you wake up in the morning. It may be your natural instincts letting you know that it is time to move on and do something that you love because  when you do something you love, the feeling of anxiety would not be in you.  Anxiety is unhealthy, just do a google search on the physical effects of worrying and you will see what kind of effects it will have your relationships, appetite, sleep and overall job performance.

Worried man looking on laptop
Why am I here?

3. You feel trapped because you need the money –  I think most of us know this feeling of the need of finances. However, what would you really do if money was not the object? You see, you’re making a trap for yourself by doing things that you do not like doing because of money. What  are you really passionate about? What makes you excited each day and what can’t you wait to see or do when you have free time? Don’t let money hold you back from doing the job that you really want to do.

What if you were made for more than what you’re doing? What if you were to do something that you loved, how would you feel?

Maybe it’s time for you to finally be happy and pursue the career that you really want.


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