Donald Trump – Strategist or Loser

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

For the past few weeks we have witnessed Donald Trump failing his debates with Hillary Clinton, saying absurd comments about women and sniffing too much when Hilary asked him tough questions. What strikes me is the fact that most people still love to talk about him were ever I go and C’ette Culture is based in London, not America, but London, England and everyone is talking about him. But is this what he wants? Is this all apart of his strategy to win?

The media is showing Trumps human side more and more and this may help him in the race to be President. From Youtube comments on the video above, “Typical guy talk with his pals”, “this makes me feel like he is more like an actual person”and more from some of the YouTube community defending his behaviour. For years, Americans have had several Presidents and the people have expected a massive change from each one. As Trump is presenting himself human and not as another candidate, he is ultimately painting the picture that he will actually change things because he is like you and me. Don’t you think?

The more he paints the picture of not being like a typical candidate or any recent President, the more persuasive he will be towards the rest of America and the world. As the name of Donald Trump keeps on flying out the mouths of most people, the more some people will begin to wonder what he will actually be like as president of the United states. Yes there is a great unease with most people, however, there is a thought of what he would actually be like. I do hope America chooses wisely as the future of the American economy depends on it.

Do you think Donald Trump has a good chance? Or do you think he making it very easy for Hillary to win?

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