3 Signs That ​You Should Work For Yourself

3 signs that you should work for yourself

Have you ever wondered why you wake up in the morning wondering why you do what you do? What about the questions you ask yourself on if can make it on your own? Or questioning if you can run a company better than your CEO?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working for someone as it is a real financial blessing for an individual. However, I strongly feel that the questions above are flashing signs that are telling you to turn left to ‘work for yourself road!.

The 3 main signs why someone should work for themselves that C’ette Culture have picked up on are:

1. Self Worth – You know it don’t you! Deep down inside your gut and I repeat, deep down inside your gut you feel and know that you can be the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or even a YouTube sensation like Zoella. You know that you are worth more than sitting at a desk, no matter how good the salary may be.

2. Office Politics – You are probably tired of the gossip talk by the water machine and you are probably wondering why the managers relative got a promotion over you? If this is you, and you don’t like what you are seeing and experiencing then try to create your own source of income. You know getting involved in office politics is not healthy and it is better to try to stay clear of it, so your professionalism can remain intact.

3 signs

3. You’re a Dreamer – If you are the type of person that is constantly dreaming of a better day where you will wake up at your own time and run your own business. So you can have time with your own family, friends and better your love life then this may also be a sign.

The truth is most people want to work for themselves, but there are only a few that are willing to take the necessary steps to do it.

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