Rocky Training

For the #Cultured. Let’s keep this short and sweet for the sake of brevity. On the precipice of the new year we enter a temporary online groundhog day on all forms of social media. This is the time of year when just about everybody and their mother posts memes, select avatars, and plaster messages online that say the same thing; like the whole world attended the same seminar and felt so inspired (using the term loosely) that they just had to share their life transforming message with us all. Yep, you guessed it:

“New Year, New Me!”


This questionable phrase is worse than the ‘Y.O.L.O’ epidemic of 2011. But unlike Drake’s ‘Motto’ people do not care, nor do they believe you (rightfully so) for 2 reasons:


  1. Proof (or lack thereof)
  2. Wasn’t that your resolution last year?


Okay so if you’re offended at this stage then good, because we are talking to you. If those around you are just too courteous and keep on lying to you then your straight-talking neighbourhood editors at C’ette Culture won’t. For those in the culture looking to make life changes, like *upgrading your physical outlook,* going back to black with your cheque book or *laying the brick and mortar to your own empire then here are 4 basic steps to avoid being another victim of the ‘N.Y.N.M.’ movement, but an actual winner:

Dream catching

Dreams -we all have them, from before the time that you’re in pre-


school, all the way to graduation day and beyond. Whatever the vision or end goal is make sure you write it down, or record it somehow; set the written dream as a final destination to motivate your passion and discipline so that the vision does not escape you.



A dream without a plan is just a fantasy. Without a step by step plan, or practical and realistic timeline nobody will take you seriously, but more importantly you are fooling yourself and stalling the possibilities even further. You can talk yourself into seeing whatever you want in your dream but the latin proverb sums up success perfectly: ‘victory loves careful preparation’. You don’t believe us ask Usian Bolt, or Warren Buffett, or Anna Wintour, or Richard Branson, or Beyonce Knowles-Carter, or Mark Zuckerberg.


So whether you are looking to get the beach rockin’ body by the summer, looking to have better time management and general management of your life, or looking to earn that promotion at work…plan, plan, plan, and plan some more. From the first step, to the middle of the journey, to the end of the struggle-map it out. Give yourself a specific and measurable timeline along with specific and set targets to measure up to. It’s your dream and nobody can achieve it for you.

Prove it with change

History is mostly written by corrupt commentators (like us) and those who win. Tonnes of large cheques bounce every day because the talker was cheap. We can understand that it probably feels nice that everyone’s saying the same thing online and intentions are all fine and dandy, but it is results that separates life’s ‘talkers’ from the victors. All it takes to shut up your haters, crush your critics and get closer to your goal after dreaming is taking the first step in your plan. There, that’s it- you have literally changed the course of your very history in that one action; whether it is going to the gym once a week and eating better, cutting out some trash TV and cleaning up your business plan or finding an agent and paying for acting classes twice a month.

Rocky Training

And it doesn’t matter how small the change is, or even if you do not hit your target the first time round (or you become tired after of slow development), just remember that your are a thousand steps ahead of where you started and so much closer to your dream than before. Remember to follow through on the promise you made to yourself.

Repeat and improve

This section is pretty self-explanatory: adjust where necessary, repeat the process and improve relevant practices in due course. Nothing more, nothing less.

At C’ette Culture we do not want members of the #Cultured to be found wanting like Kevin Hart in the movie Ride Along, shouting “I am Omar” in a warehouse full of critics who just don’t believe you. The term New Year, New Me, means nothing if there isn’t a plan behind it and nothing to show for it.


Now, to those of you who still wish to ascribe to the N.Y.N.M school of thought even after reading this article, please answer the following to yourself honestly before trolling the #Cultured:

Why the procrastination in the first place?

What’s wrong with making a brand new start right now (as in today)?

What exactly is the plan for change?

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