3 Ways To Save After Valentines Day

I bet you’re thinking that last night was the best night in the world, until you looked at your bank account balance!

Did you go to the Shard and spend over £200 for a starter dish and much more for the main course?, not to even mention desert! Or did you pay the Uber driver five times as much as you had expected just to make a loved one feel happy?

It’s okay, they say love makes you crazy! valentines-day-2012274_1280

After years of experience taking my loved one on many dates in the city. These 3 simple steps will better your finances and get you into good savings habits for the rest of your life, if truly applied.

1. Budget – Look at how much you have in your bank and carefully budget how much you spend on lunch daily. If you spend over £3 a day on Lunch, that’s £15 a week, which is £60 a month. Why don’t you buy some ingredients from your favourite supermarket and make your weekly lunches with it. Just until payday at-least!

2. Say No! – If your friends are calling and trying to get you to go for a night out after a big valentines day spend, say NO! Saying NO is hard, painful and discouraging to a friend/friends. However, your bank balance will be smiling at you! Who do you want to please more? coins-1015125_1920

3. Leave Your Bank Card At Home – If you have a feeling that you are bound to spend money as soon as you leave your home, because you struggle with self-control. Leave your bank card at home before you shut your door, take budgeted money for the day and smile because you are doing yourself a favour in the long run.

If you follow these 3 simple steps your bank account will be hpiggy-bank-7905_1920appy! You might get angry friends, and you might feel upset that you couldn’t eat at your favourite restaurant for some time. But… yet again… your bank account will be happy!

Financial planning is very important, as you do not want to be anxious about not having any finances until the next pay-day at the end of the month. Victory loves preparation and a happy bank account means more free time.

Lets us know your thoughts!



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