Even though I’m still figuring out this crazy play called ‘Life’, looking back at the lessons learned over the years I believe I may have partially cracked it- that great code: the art of living.

It may all still be work in progress but here are my 4 easy steps to love your life:


Step 1: Think positively

This one can be hard. I’m not telling you to pretend to be positive all the time, however, having a positive mind-set is so refreshing. Life can be a struggle at times, but most of the time we think things, as well as add extra stress on our minds that are really unnecessary. When we wake up and think about the day, sometimes its only normal to think about the challenges you’re going to face. I’ve decided to stop this, and instead I now wake up every day and picture it as the best day so far (‘cos…why not!). Even if we fail or things don’t go to plan we must remember as cheesy as it sounds- tomorrow is always a new day; it’s the mistakes made along the way that help shape us into the people we are today, in order to be wiser tomorrow.


Step 2: Surround yourself with the best people

These are the people that want your growth, and shape you into the person YOU want to be. I never thought that this was important, until it happened to me. For most of us the problems are the same: “Yeah, my skin isn’t always perfect”, “I have a bloated belly”, “My hair doesn’t always looks nice” … blah- blah-blahhhh; these are some of these little things eat away at our confidence, and sometimes we surround ourselves with people who are quick to let us know about it. Generally I’m a happy go lucky, fun girl, but I started surrounding myself with people that brought me down, made me unhappy and exhausted my kindness in certain instances. One day it changed. Someone came into my life out of the blue that was like me- I found someone who helped me, and opened my eyes to people I could trust. Now I’m not saying you need someone to change your outlook on life, but being with people who love you for being you, people that support you at your highest as well as your lowest, and want you to grow is THE BEST feeling. It is so important to KNOW YOUR WORTH and have people that appreciate you, and that you can appreciate too. I have friends that are honestly like family.



Friendship group talk- multi-colour

No matter how big or small your circle is, always make sure it is one that fills you with love and keeps you grounded. Everyone is so special in their own way and I really believe that when we encourage one another and bring out the best in the other person, it also allows us to bring out the best in ourselves. It happened to me, and I can promise you right now my life has not been the same ever since!


Step 3: Self-confidence

This is such a hard topic, especially because of the society we live in now. We want that perfect selfie, that flawless face, that ‘Instagram body’. But ladies (and gents) learning to love yourself is the key to everything! It is hard, and I’m not even there myself, but I have done things I never thought I would do; and steps 1 and 2 will help you get to step 3.

I cannot stress how much time I spent feeling down about things- it’s mental! Rather than always thinking of the bad things currently in your life, the things that bring you down etc, try and think about the fact that you’re healthy, happy, surrounded by the best of friends, family, and maybe even a partner. Think about what you did today that was amazing (no matter how big, or small), or the steps to that change that you’re going to make tomorrow, or the day after that: because every day that you open your mind to the world of possibilities, the more you will love life!


‘We want that perfect selfie, that flawless face, that ‘Instagram body’. But ladies (and gents) learning to love yourself is the key to everything!’


Step 4: Laughter really is the best medicine


Now I’m not telling you to go start randomly cracking jokes left, right and centre to yourself (…by yourself, ha ha), but have a reason to smile; have a reason to make someone’s day. Be who you want to be: if you know you’re loud and crazy, embrace it! If you know you’re more subtle and sweet, that is also fine too! Be you and stay true to yourself because things are never as bad as you think they are.

I want everyone to challenge themselves: push yourself out of your comfort zone! If someone challenges you to try something totally new [and legal] – do it! Being a happy person benefits your life and people will genuinely gravitate to you for it. I’ve gotten things in life just from being my own brand of happy, fun and funny- and let me tell you it can also get you OUT of things too! Be cheeky, be charming, be YOU and really enjoy YOUR real life story in your own skin with true friends.

Think along the lines of Dr.Pepper when it comes to being yourself :-




(These are things I wish I could’ve told myself a few years ago).







Written by


Millie Miles –



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