C’ette Culture – Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers 2017- finished dinner table shot- nice

You’ve done it to yourself again! Out of the kindness of your heart and in line with the Christmas spirit, you made the offer that no one could refuse: you’ve offered up your home for the holidays. Right now you see yourself running your kitchen tighter than a ship commanded by a marine trained chef, carving the glorious bird, pulling crackers and opening gifts like you see in the ads. The only factor to ruin the festive flow on Christmas day has been heinously overlooked (as always) and the ever thundering elephant in the room at any reunion starts blaring:

What do you do when there’s nothing left to talk about?!  

And it’s not a case of if,  rather, it is always the case of when- and the right way to handle those awkward tumbleweed scenarios. If you feel the social anti-climax approaching as the festivity begins to leave the room, remember to pull your partner to the side, compose yourself and prepare to implement the C’ette Culture Christmas survival guide in the living room. Hands in everybody: 1-2-3- Break!!!

Post-Turkey Strategy for:

The Parents

As a team we struggled to find a good enough movie to bridge the gap for this group during the holidays. Now this particular warmer, The Intern, is not necessarily as Christmassy as it can get, but it is a comedic gem from Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro that will add to the warmth of the mulled wine in all your coffee mugs. This particular movie is a respectable way for both sides to say ‘we love you guys, and thanks for being with us’, without having to utter a word or leave the comfort of your seat in the process.

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Outlandish In-laws (survival mode)

Though you haven’t seen these guys for a while you had a random chat leading up to this year’s holidays. On the call you both overextended your generosities in goodwill expecting an amicable agreement to ‘do a big one next year’- but you talked yourself into officially hosting the family bonanza and can’t back track now. This particular part of the herd is complex to plan for, for two reasons:

  1. The all to ambiguous word ‘We’ in prior communications
  2. If they do bring their kids- what demographics will you have to work with?

First, get yourself onto their Facebook and Instagram to brush up on the following: names, birthdays, anniversary and holiday pics (you know- the general conversation starters). But most importantly find out if they have recently added to their contingent, or, possibly expecting (i.e. babies). If they are not bringing any children then our selected warmer for you and team 2.0 is The Family Stone. With the legendary all-star cast this timely ice-breaker will encourage everybody to let their guards down and be civil for the rest of the day. Well at least to each others faces that is.

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With that being said, if the word ‘we’ is indeed a Trojan horse and they are bringing a small clan with them, then take heed to the alternative power plays that may save you this Christmas. If the oldest child in the group is under 5 years old then Tim Allen’s The Santa Claus is the seasonal classic that will pacify the tykes and grant the adults a quiet afternoon.  But if the youngest of the munchkins is 8 years old, and the question of Santa’s existence is becoming more of a rites of passage for the children then Home Alone 1 and 2 is the right slice of escapism that will let the question linger just long enough to get you into boxing day.

Overall message

  • no kids :                                                    The Family Stone
  • with kids under 5 years old :              The Santa Claus
  • with kids 8 years old and over:          Home Alone 1 and 2

Old Friends and Flames

After several debates in the office and brainstorm sessions, we have decided that if you are inviting a personal ghost from Christmas past to join you for the holidays then there can only 2 real contenders in this category: The Best Man Holiday and Love Actually.  Both movies will be the gift that kept on giving of all the choices. Having so much to offer in regards to casting, range, plots, drama, humor, tear-jerkers; both movies appeal to every emotion known to man in just one sitting. Watching one, the other, or both- we guarantee no disappointments from start to finish.

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If these two movies don’t rekindle friendships after spending most of Christmas day together then nothing will.


The Grinch Within

Now for this member of the #cultured, the white bearded  red suited cookies and milk grabbing kleptomaniac that visits once a year (with goods that cannot be accounted for) has never had a real appeal. This time of the year is just one big holiday, nothing more-nothing less. No tinsel, no tree, no gifts- no problem! C’ette Culture recommends both Sherlock Holmes and The Hobbit to unbar the humbug for this type of Scrooge.

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Why- you may ask? Because we know that underneath all that aloof and nonchalant exterior is someone who is appreciative of all the friendship, giving and comradery that comes with this time of year, whether they want to admit it or not! Though they ploughed through your non-Christmas dinner which included Turkey, potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, Pigs in blanket,Christmas Pudding, Christmas Trifle and mulled wine etc (you know, that non-seasonal stuff), you can use these movies as your non-festive way of letting them know that you are glad they came and you’re happy they spent the holidays with you. Even if they believe that Santa’s accounting audit would fail an SEC stress test, or that he would at least be in breach of some union codes with his elves, they still do have the right to celebrate however vicariously with you and yours.

Room At The Inn

This section is for you- yeah, you!! Mr and Mrs last minute.com. If you intend to ‘sojourn’ at the eleventh hour or book something spontaneously ( as in letting the unexpecting party know that they should be expecting you to visit, ahem, into the new year), or present yourself as the weary lonesome traveller this Christmas, then arrive correctly with the right entertainment.

Like the wise men, come bearing gifts, but bring a special something for the inn-keeper too. Suits (the box set), is C’ette Culture’s undisputed choice that will literally keep everybody happy. The well written storylines, edge of your seat suspense, love, hate, clever twists and turns, and the occasional heartfelt revelation will allow your hosts to tolerate you a little longer while you finish your personal countdown as to when you should leave.. a few days into the new year.

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So for the #cultured you’ve been given you some holiday game plans. You know which plays to make to bring it all in, no matter the outlook or terrain. Whether it is applied via Netflix, DVD or Blu-ray make the magic happen. Don’t get caught out and clearly scavenge on dying conversations, or appear standoffish like Clint Eastwood with the good, the bad and the ugly guests around you. Instead let tinseltown’s moving pictures carry some of the burden for you as you enjoy being around friends and family one more time, and declare the immortal words of Charles Dickens’ tiny Tim to your loved ones that came:

‘’A merry Christmas to  us all: God bless us, everyone!’’


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