C’ette Culture + Foundervine, KPMG LLP, and Hatch Enterprises presents: Founderfest 2018

After weeks of back and forth emails, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings, we are happy to announce that C’ette Culture will be officially partnering up with Foundervine and their supporters – KPMG LLP and Hatch Enterprise – for their upcoming, full-day start-up festival “#Founderfest2018”.

Even in the west of the world today, the taboo question in business culture remains: just how balanced are the accesses to opportunities, in industry, for absolutely everyone? The new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders require answers to help direct and shape this part of the economic landscape – irrespective of race, background or walk of life.

Founderfest - Girl- middle image

The Foundervine organisation breathes a breath of fresh air into this socio-economic matter of opportunity and diversity. Through an engaging series of talks, panel discussions and interactive sessions, “… [Founderfest will] equip young people with the tools and resources to launch their own ventures… to foster the next generation of innovators from diverse communities in the UK” declares the Foundervine Founder. So it is only right for us at C’ette Culture and Foundervine to merge together to celebrate diversity and ensure we play an essential part in making the playing field even for all.

Ensure Friday 9th March is vacant in your diaries. We will be assembled inside the UK Headquarters of one of the worlds ‘Big Four’ professional service networks! Location? Where many of Europe’s tallest buildings are situated – London’s coveted square mile!


London HQ

15 Canada Square

Canary Wharf

E14 5GL


See you there!

Tickets Available: Click here


Founderfest 2018 end image






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