London, 17th March2018- C’ette Culture is happy to announce that in a few short moments it will be part of the press team covering the UK’s leading home, interior design and innovation event- The Ideal Home Show! This spectacle marks the 110th year anniversary special at the Kensington Olympia Centre.

…with almost half a billion pounds (£400m) being added to the UK economy in just a few days at the event, you never know which member of the Royal family may turn up to say thank you; as HRH Queen Elizabeth the II has already visited the event 11 times to date.


“…descriptions of early ideas and initial planning in the project paralleled a canvas of acid washed denim: sporadic, passionate, contrasting and emotive. “

C’ette Culture – Winter Warmers

Have you got a ‘guest’ game plan to make it through the holidays? If you don’t, C’ette Culture Christmas survival guide can lend some tips to get you to the new year with any type of visitor this season.

Emojis: How Many, Is Too Much?

So, we all have that friend- that friend who loves to keep on going both in person and over the phone, but can’t read between the lines- or take a hint to cut the conversation short. These said friends also carry this particular trait into their online presence and messaging platforms. The overkill comes in the form of what we call …