Build And Master – Getting Started In Business – #GSIB17 | @BuildandMaster

Opportunities, innovation and talent all around us has been calling for a change of the guards in business for quite some time.

The techstars, rockstars, popstars, vloggers, fashionistas, social entrepreneurs and influencers were all in attendance. They looked to the @BuildandMaster Group to help them understand the passing of the torch, and how to level the playing field for their brand – from legal to financial to strategic perspectives – when starting out in business.

The future called out, and the next generation of leaders answered!


A huge thank you to @livuni in London for hosting us, and the speakers on the night: @Scott_Saunders_, @GigiEtienne, @joelsonUK, @KelvinGolding, @build_potential.


[TIP: Please ensure your YouTube Quality settings is adjusted to 1080P or above, to enjoy the visuals we present to you in style!]





Video Content made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Production by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)



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