FÊTE LOUNGE – #2TimingTuesday.. How Naughty! | @FeteLounge

Build it, promote it and they will come!

FÊTE LOUNGE explains to C’ette Culture’s Nicola on how they infused their playful and borderline naughty ‘#(hashtag)’ strategy to break the proverbial ice, and introduce themselves to both the elegant high teas and cocktail world.

[TIP: Please ensure your YouTube Quality settings is adjusted to 1080P, to enjoy the visuals we present to you in style!]

W: http://www.fetelounge.com/
T: https://twitter.com/fetelounge
I: https://www.instagram.com/FeteLounge/
F: https://www.facebook.com/FeteLounge/

Music made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Video Content made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture
Production by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Email: https://cetteculture.com/contact/



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