Haydon Godbeer – Managing Success | Yourfeed @YourfeedUK @HaydonGodbeer @CetteCulture


In this brief visual from the C’ette Culture channel, HAYDON GODBEER – the Vice President of Yourfeed – advises all of us speeding up the highway to success to, at times, take a break..

Why? In order for constant levels of performance and productivity to be maintained, then leading to better results as a result of all our hard work!

[TIP: Please ensure your YouTube Quality settings is adjusted to 1080P, to enjoy the visuals we present to you in style!]

W: https://www.yourfeed.com/
T: https://www.twitter.com/yourfeedUK/
I: https://www.instagram.com/yourfeeduk/
F: https://www.facebook.com/yourfeeduk/

Music made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Video Content made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture
Production by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Email: https://cetteculture.com/contact/



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