KOPPERT CRESS – Party On Your Palette | STREET FOOD LIVE 2017 | @KoppertCress

STREET FOOD LIVE (@StreetFoodExpo) – Edible flowers have never been more interesting, sexy, playful and out there. Whether you’re making a chocolate fondant for the first time, or you are a 5star Michellin rated chef looking to spice things up a bit – this is your culinary exclusive!

@CetteCulture’s Millie Miles had a tantalising conversation with the leaders of the new school, @koppertcress, to find out how the company blossomed and burst on to the scene.

There is a flower and flavour for every occasion. What a breath of fresh air!

W: http://www.koppertcress.com
T: @KoppertCress
F: @KoppertCress

Music made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Video Content made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture
Production by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)

Email: https://cetteculture.com/contact/



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