We’ve Got THE GOLDEN TICKET! – TurmeriX | @cetteculture @turmerixaus

In a world that has 22 different variations of the spice known as Tumeric, TurmeriX Founder Errol MᶜClelland catches up with C’ette Culture’s Nicola Faz at the 2017 Ideal Home Show to explain how this Golden X-Factor gave him a new lease of life after vital surgery.

TurmeriX is the future!

[TIP: Please ensure your YouTube Quality settings is adjusted to 1080P or above, to enjoy the visuals we present to you in style!]

Website: https://buyturmerix.com/au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/turmerixau
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turmerixaus/


Music made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Video Content made by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Production by C’ette Culture (@CetteCulture)
Email: https://cetteculture.com/contact/



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